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TransCore to develop connected vehicle program for New York City

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by Transportation Infrastructure News Daily Reports


The New York City Department of Transportation recently selected TransCore of Nashville, Tennessee to develop its initial design for a Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program that was awarded up to $20 million by the U.S. Department of Transportation last month.

TransCore’s TransSuite Traffic Management System will include Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) technology in vehicles that frequently travel midtown Manhattan and midtown infrastructure. Up to 10,000 cars, busses and limousines will eventually be retrofitted with this innovative technology that may significantly reduce traffic congestion, lessen greenhouse gas emissions, and make drivers and pedestrians safer on the roads.

“New sensing and communication technologies are enabling an entirely new suite of applications to make our streets safer, even in the most densely populated areas,” TransCore Senior Vice President of ITS Solutions Michael Mauritz said.

New in-vehicle applications will notify drivers of speed limits, nearing red lights and work zones. Fleet vehicles will also get notifications related to their needs, including bridge clearances.

“We are honored to lead this effort, and applaud the city of New York and the Federal Highway Administration in setting a course others can follow,” Mauritz said.

There will be more information about future pilot deployments in the coming months.

Bipartisan Panel States Nation in Need of Centralized Leadership and Major Reform to Strengthen Biodefense

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 28, 2015) — Today, the bipartisan Blue Ribbon Study Panel on Biodefense, co-chaired by Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and former Governor and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge (R-PA), released the first comprehensive examination of U.S. biodefense efforts in over a decade, calling for major reforms to strengthen America’s ability to confront intentionally introduced, accidentally released, and naturally occurring biological threats.



The report, A National Blueprint for Biodefense: Leadership and Major Reform Needed to Optimize Efforts, details America’s vulnerability to bioterrorism and deadly outbreaks and emphasizes the need to transform the way our government is organized to confront these threats. Biodefense recommendations include centralizing leadership in the Office of the Vice President; establishing a White House Biodefense Coordination Council; strengthening state, local, territorial, and tribal capabilities; and promoting innovation through sustained biodefense prioritization and funding.



“The U.S. government has worked to address myriad security challenges since September 11, 2001,” said Senator Joe Lieberman. “Unfortunately, biological threats are not given the same level of attention as are other threats, leaving us significantly underprepared – but this does not have to be the case. Dramatic improvements are within our reach if we follow a national blueprint for biodefense, demand strong leadership, and build on the good work already underway.”



“The U.S. is vulnerable to biological threats because we lack strong centralized leadership at the highest level of government,” said Governor Tom Ridge. “We need one person – a leader with the charge, authority, vision, and expertise – to pull together more than a dozen departments and agencies, as well as the private sector, to defend against biological threats to the Nation. Biodefense touches many aspects of society and as such, requires a complex enterprise approach, something we currently lack.”



The comprehensive report includes specific and pragmatic legislative, programmatic, and policy actions in the form of 33 urgent recommendations and close to 100 action items. The panel scrutinized the status of prevention, deterrence, preparedness, detection, response, attribution, recovery, and mitigation – the spectrum of activities deemed necessary for biodefense by both Republican and Democratic Administrations, and many policy experts. They identified substantial achievements, but also found serious gaps that continue to leave the homeland vulnerable to biological threats.


To read the full study visit 

today on the hill

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October 14, 2015


9:00 am – Senate Finance

Joint public hearing with the Senate State Government Committee on ways
to better spend and assess state government expenditures and programs


9:00 am – Senate State Government

Joint public hearing with the Senate Finance Committee on ways
to better spend and assess state government expenditures and programs



today on the hill

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October 08, 2015


10:00 am- House and Labor Industry

Public Hearing on HB 1176, HB 1100


10:00 am- House Veterans Affairs & Emergency Prepared

Joint informational meeting with the Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency
Preparedness Committee with Gen. Frank J. Grass, Chief of the National Guard
Bureau, on potential force restructuring


10:00 am- Independent Regulatory Review Commission

To consider the following regulations:

  • Reg. No. 3078 Department of Transportation #18-463: Authorized Vehicles
    and Special Operating Privileges (Deemed Approved)
  • Reg. No. 3093 PA Liquor Control Board #54-79: Responsible Alcohol
    Management Program
  • Reg. No. 3098 PA Liquor Control Board #54-84: Right to Occupy

10:00 am- Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Prepared

Joint informational meeting with the House Veterans Affairs and Emergency
Preparedness Committee with Gen. Frank J. Grass, Chief of the National Guard
Bureau, on potential force restructuring





today on the hill

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9:00 am- House Health

To Consider: HB 946, HB 947, SB 609, HB 1233


9:00 am- Senate Transportation

Public hearing on resource challenges and innovative changes to local
transportation systems


9:30 am- House Aging and Older Adult Services

Informational meeting with a presentation by the Legislative Budget &
Finance Committee on a report published regarding elder abuse task force


9:30 am- House Gaming Oversight

Public hearing on innovative gaming technologies


Off the Floor- House Appropriations

Agenda TBA



Today on the Hill

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October 6, 2015


8:30 am- House Finance

Public hearing on suggested changes to Act 32 of 2008


9:00 am- House Agriculture and Rural Affairs

To Consider: HB 967, HB 1265


9:30 am- House Gaming Oversight

Public Hearing on prevention of underage gaming


10:00 am- House State Government

To Consider: HB 1804


10:00- House Health

Informational meeting with a presentation from a clinical leadership team
from Gateway Health on achieving favorable health outcomes and remaining
good stewards of taxpayer funding


10:00 am- Senate Labor and Industry

Public hearing to examine the effects changes to the unemployment
compensation system have had on seasonal workers


Off the Floor- House Appropriations

Agenda TBA

Today on The Hill

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October 5, 2015


11:00 am – House Insurance

Informational meeting on State Worker’s Insurance Fund


12:00 pm – House Transportation

To Consder: HB 1170, HB 1201, HB 1202, HB 1317, HB 1341, HB 1540, SB 385, SB 765, SB 890


Off the Floor, House Appropriations

To Consider: HB 321, HB 820, HB 1332, HB 1411, HB 1552