Today on the Hill

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11:00am – House is in Session
1:00pm – Senate is in Session

Committee Meetings:

House Children and Youth – 9:00am
To consider: SB21, SB23, SB30, SB1116

House Education – 9:00am
To consider: HB803, HB1741, SB193, SB437

House State Government – 9:00am
Public hearing on reforms to election administration and oversight with a focus on: HB1142, HB1371, HB1572, HB1827, HB1830, HB1835

House Aging and Older Adult Services – 9:30am
Public hearing on: elder abuse

House Consumer Affairs – 9:30am
Public hearing on: HB1620

Senate Environmental Resources and Energy – 9:30am
To consider: SB1037, SB1077

House Finance – 9:45am
To consider: HB1489

House Judiciary – 10:00am
To consider: SB28, SB57, SB150, SB681, HR537

Senate Local Government – 10:00am
To consider: SB904, HB1523

Senate Community, Economic, and Recreational Development – 10:30am
Public hearing on tourism in Pennsylvania following voting meeting to consider: SR183

Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness – 11:00am
To consider: SB720, SB771, HB1285, HB1706

Senate Judiciary – 11:30am
To consider: SB850, SB1168, HB321, HB1201

House Appropriations – Off the Floor