Today on The Hill

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11:00am – House is in Session

1:00pm – Senate is in Session


Committee Meetings:

House Education – 9:00am
To consider: HB810, HB1734, HB1741, SB46

House Human Services – 9:30am
To consider: HB1334, HB1420, HB1654

House Liquor Control – 9:30am
To consider: HB1747

Senate Local Government – 9:30am
To consider: SB733, SB901, SB903, SB904, SB935

House Judiciary – 10:00am
To consider: HB207, HB710, HB1154, HB1261, HB1470, HB1662, SB688, SB731

Senate Banking and Insurance – 10:00am
To consider: SB1045, SB1118, SB1130

Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs – 10:30am
To consider: SB1107, SB1131, HB920

Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness – 11:00am
To consider: SB923, SB1115

Senate Judiciary – 11:30am
To consider: HB27, HB714, HB764, HB1356, HB1594

House Appropriations – Off the Floor

Senate Appropriations – Off the Floor
To consider: HB290, HB1098

Senate Rules and Executive Nominations – Off the Floor
To consider: SB358, SB648