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April 8, 2014


9:00 am – House State Government

Informational meeting on: HB 1838


9:00 am – Senate Community, Economic & Recreational Dev.

Public hearing on the various DCED budget initiatives; an overview of the DCED programs available for PA businesses, including consolidation and accountability efforts; and a summary of the economic impact of the PA travel and tourism industry, including an update regarding the PA Tourism Partnership (PTP) and its public-private marketing/funding goals and efforts to date.


9:30 am – House Labor and Industry

Informational meeting on presentation by the State Workers’ Insurance Fund (SWIF) to follow voting meeting to consider: HR 691, HR 716,


9:45 am – House Finance

To consider: HB 2110


10:00 am – House Judiciary

To consider: HB 1733, HB 2088, SB 894, HB 55


10:30 am – Senate Education

To consider: SB 1316, HB 1460, HB 1738


11:30 am – Senate Judiciary

To consider: SB 705, SB 979, SB 1325, SR 304


Off the floor – House Appropriations

Agenda to be announced


Off the floor – Senate Game and Fisheries

To consider: SR 338