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May 5, 2014


10:00 am – House Judiciary

Public hearing on presentation on Restitution Task Force


11:00 am – House Environmental Resources and Energy

To consider: SB 1254, HR 426


11:30 am – House Commerce

To consider: SB 1045


12:00 pm – Joint Legislative Conservation Committee

Environmental Issues Forum on the TreeVitalize program, public-private partnership to restore tree cover in PA communities


Off the floor – House Appropriations

To consider: HB 1086, HB 1218, HB 1249, HB 1714, HB 2088, SB 1037


Off the floor – House Finance

To consider: HB 2031, HB 2202


Off the floor – Senate Appropriations

To consider: SB 803, HB 198, HB 1460


Off the floor – Senate Finance

Public hearing on the nominations of David R. Kraus, Esq. and R. Scott Shearer, Esq. to the Board of Finance and Revenue and to consider: HB 128


Off the floor – Senate Labor and Industry

To consider the nomination of Albert Mezzaroba, Esq. to the Labor Relations Board and: HB 2081