Tom Ridge Discusses President Obama’s Handling of ISIS Thus Far, Moving Forward

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Entire article can be read here: Tom Ridge likes Obama’s handling of Islamic State threat so far


Ahead of President Barack Obama’s speech to the nation on his plans for combating Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, former Gov. Tom Ridge praised the president’s steps so far in handling the foreign crisis.


“I think the president has gone about it the right way,” Ridge said.


When Obama speaks to the country later tonight, Ridge said, he expects him to say ISIS is a short-term and potential long-term threat to the United States, western Europe and the Middle East. “I look forward to him making a strong case for America’s re-engagement,” Ridge said.


Based on that multi-national threat, Ridge said, he also expects Obama to lay out a plan to build a coalition of forces of European and Middle Eastern countries that are willing and able to join in the fight, which must be taken inside Syria, he said. Ridge predicted the president will tell citizens that the military will use its strong air power to strike at ISIS and supply Iraqi and Kurdish forces.


“I don’t think we need to put boots on the ground,” Ridge said.


But, Ridge warned, citizens should not be naive enough not to understand that ground troops, at least in the form of special forces, could one day be needed to combat ISIS.


“We should not deny that possibility,” Ridge said.