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Ridge Policy Group (RPG), a top DC lobbying firm, has several exciting, expected wins coming out of this busy July session in Congress. RPG has worked hard in a bipartisan manner to get their clients’ provisions and bills passed through Congress before the long August recess. Being a top government affairs firm, RPG works tirelessly on behalf of our clients. Below we have outlined some of our major recent victories.

Support for Individuals with Brain Injury

RPG worked across the aisle to get the TBI and PTSD Law Enforcement Training Act passed by the House of Representatives. This bill will increase funding to help train law enforcement to better identify citizens who are living with traumatic brain injury (TBI). This training will create a safer and more accountable system of interactions so that those living with TBI can be properly identified and supported.

The legislation would implement several measures to better train law enforcement and first responders for interactions with individuals suffering from TBI. As symptoms of TBI and PTSD can be difficult to identify, we need first responders to be better prepared to deescalate any inappropriate behaviors or other issues.

The bill would also require the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to collect one-time surveillance of law enforcement professionals who may have sustained damage to the brain. Right now, we have no comprehensive data on brain injury and are therefore unable to easily support law enforcement professionals.

The TBI and PTSD Law Enforcement Training Act was introduced on a bipartisan basis by Senators Ossoff and Grassley. It is currently being considered through a fast-track process in the Senate and is expected to be sent to President Biden’s desk soon. This will make both our law enforcement officers and the brain injury community safer. We are grateful to be able to support our client, the National Association of State Head Injury Administrators, in championing this important legislation.

Disaster Support

Our second legislative victory is the introduction of the Office of Disaster Recovery Act. RPG has been working hard with our client the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) to get this act introduced in this year’s Congress.

This Act directs the Secretary of Commerce to create an Office of Disaster Recovery to support and coordinate economic revitalization for communities after a natural disaster. This highlights the vital role that the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) plays in local economic recovery. We are committed as a firm to continue pushing for this effort.

Support for Innovation

The House and Senate passed the Chips and Science bill, which includes many of our recommendations. The Chips and Science Act aims to support our national security by helping America be a leader in scientific research and shoring up our supply chain in the long term.

The new version of the Chips bill authorizes the Regional Technology Hubs at Commerce. This program will support important regional innovation. Ensuring that the Regional Technology Hubs program is successful, we were able to secure language allowing the Philadelphia region to be competitive for the funding.

Providing regional innovation investment will spur the development of new companies, help get people back to work, and ensure that businesses are able to be as productive as possible to help the economy rebound. Philadelphia is a prime region to be able to take this funding to bring together all stakeholders in a region.

The language also includes our recommendation to prioritize hubs in “underserved communities.” It also provides preference to areas that can leverage institutions of higher education serving populations historically underrepresented in STEM.

Another program that is authorized under this legislation is the NSF Engines program. The legislation includes our recommendation on behalf of our clients that nonprofits be explicitly listed as eligible applicants for this program.

Nonprofit commercialization intermediaries often serve as a conduit for connecting together all stakeholders in a region. They bring together university and federal laboratory researchers and those who have access to research space. They also connect those who provide services for researchers related to proof of concept and market potential, business mentors, and angel investors. This is critical as the Administration implements the NSF Engines Program.

Support for Carbon-Free Nuclear Power

Finally, RPG is excited that Senator Manchin and Leader Schumer came to an agreement on a budget reconciliation package. This bill includes $325 billion in new/expanded tax credits for the power sector. In particular, we helped to secure language for a production tax credit for the existing nuclear fleet on behalf of our client.

Nuclear power will reduce the American impact on climate change. This will be a Democrat-only effort, as Republicans oppose the bill. The White House supports the effort, and we are hopeful that all 50 Senators can get on-board to pass a package. All of these wins are a product of one of Washington DC’s top lobbying firms. RPG was a major leader in all of these efforts. We work hard with Congress and the Administration on behalf of our clients to ensure that they can get the best possible outcome.

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