Ridge Policy Group Named Top Lobbyists

Ridge Policy Group’s Mark Holman, Rebeccah Wolfkiel, and Zaida Ricker are honored to be featured in The Hill’s 2022 Top Lobbyists. According to The Hill, this list includes individuals who “demonstrated a track record of success in the halls of Congress and the administration during a critical year for policy.”

Ridge Policy Group, a top DC lobbying firm, has been working hard for their clients in both state and federal affairs. With more than four decades of state and federal government experience, RPG is uniquely qualified to help clients fulfill their legislative goals. We help clients organize meetings with legislative and executive staff, track relevant grants and funding opportunities, understand introduced legislation, craft letters to Congress and relevant agencies, host events to raise our clients’ profiles, and much more. With our support, we have helped many of our clients reach and exceed their goals.

A major part of federal lobbying is meeting with Congress and building relationships with Members and their teams. At the Ridge Policy Group, we use our knowledge and skillset to get you in the door to meet with high-profile officials. We also assist you in your preparation for these meetings, supporting you in crafting an “ask” and preparing you for the rhythm of a Hill meeting. Congress is a busy place. If you go into the meetings unprepared, you could end up finding yourself wasting both your and the Members’ or staffers’ time. We can help make sure this never happens by scheduling meetings with targeted members, helping to identify policy “asks” for meetings, creating outlines for the meeting, helping to orient you to Capitol Hill, and ensuring that your talking points for Hill meetings are consistent. We also attend all visits and assist with all follow-ups from visits. Through all of this, we can help make sure that you are meeting your legislative and regulatory goals.

Another major part of federal lobbying is helping clients track grants and funding opportunities.  We help our clients navigate the complex world of federal grants by tracking and flagging funding opportunities for them. Every week, our staff goes through the many federal grants released that week and share opportunities directly with clients that could potentially assist them. This helps our clients stay on top of all potentially relevant government spending. A non-comprehensive list of federal funding that we have secured for clients recently includes:

  • Creating a new STEM Workforce program at the United States Department of Commerce by authorizing the program, securing funding for the program in a competitive appropriations cycle, and helping our PA-based client receive an award from this new funding opportunity to recruit and train under- and unemployed residents for biotech careers;
  • A federal community project award, otherwise known as an “earmark”, of $500,000 for a client to support individuals with co-occurring substance use and mental health challenges. We are expecting to have three community funding project awards, included in the final federal Fiscal Year 2023 Omnibus package; and
  • Securing millions of dollars for the nuclear industry through the passage of a Production Tax Credit for the existing nuclear fleet.

In addition to supporting clients’ funding goals, we also help track legislation. With over 10,000 pieces of legislation introduced during a given Congress, many companies and organizations tracking legislation can become overwhelmed. This legislation is usually very technical and can be difficult to decipher. At RPG, a top DC government affairs firm, we track and write bill summaries on relevant potential legislation for our clients. This helps them determine whether they would like to endorse or oppose specific pieces of legislation that are up for consideration. If we determine that we should act on legislation, we help our client navigate the legislative process. In the previous blog post, we included several examples of these crafted bill summaries so that you could see how we help simplify the complex language for our clients.

Building relationships is a key part of success in federal lobbying and one of the most impactful ways to build relationships is to host events. Ridge Policy Group assists their clients in organizing such events. We will help advise on timing, location, rules, and attendance. Hosting these events is an important part of relationship building that can help raise your profile on Capitol Hill. Ridge Policy Group helps their clients navigate the complex space of professional events.

Ridge Policy Group provides all these services and many more to their clients, helping them reach expectations and important goals. Our team’s decades of experience in this space helps us confidently navigate the complex scene of Washington, DC, politics and advocacy. Our clients experience hands-on government advocacy campaigns. Our comprehensive approach, working through several different angles, ultimately leads to successful outcomes for our clients. We are truly humbled to receive this award as Top Lobbyists from The Hill and are grateful to our clients and partners for trusting us to deliver results.

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