Ridge Policy Group Named a Top Pennsylvania Lobbying Firm

The Ridge Policy Group was honored to be featured in the City & State Pennsylvania Top 50 Pennsylvania Lobbyists for 2022.

City & State PA recognized “… the most influential firms working to help their clients navigate through the labyrinthine ways of governmental agencies, regulatory practices, political committees, elected officials and more.”

We are proud to represent and advocate for many industries and interest across Pennsylvania, such as making impactful changes to our criminal justice system, investing in our institutions of higher education, protecting our environment, diversifying our energy sector, supporting individuals with intellectual, developmental, physical disabilities and so much more.

With such a diverse range of clients, the Ridge Policy Group approaches each client with a unique and creative strategy in order to accomplish their goals and missions.

We are honored to receive this recognition and are grateful to our partners for entrusting us with the opportunity to champion their issues. We look forward to the continued collaboration and service to each of them!

Written by

Ridge Policy Group


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