RPG Partner Mark Holman Discusses Role of PA Senators

In an interview with Charles Thompson of PENNLIVE, Ridge Policy Group Partner Mark Holman chatted about the role of Senators Casey and Toomey in this new political environment. The article discussed how the Senators have gained clout in Congress.

Mark discussed how Senator Casey will now have even more influence as a close friend of President Biden.

“I think it’s really good news for Pennsylvania in that Senator Casey, close friend and early supporter of the president, will definitely have more clout than he did” while the Democrats were in the minority, agreed Mark Holman, a one-time chief of staff to former Gov. Tom Ridge who now works Washington as a lobbyist with the Ridge Policy Group.

“Anytime Casey wants to call someone on the domestic policy council or the White House chief of staff, it’s going to be easier and quick for him,” Holman said. “Your legislation still has to have merit, so it doesn’t make that easier. But the relationships will be good.”

Governor Ridge and Mark Holman have been grateful to call Senator Casey a friend, working together on a number of issues, including disability policy. We are excited to see his role expanded in the new Administration.

Similarly, Governor Ridge and Mark have enjoyed their relationship and partnership with Senator Toomey throughout the years. Mark is excited to see Senator Toomey’s role within the Senate also increase as the Ranking Member of the Senate Banking Committee and beyond.

“I think Senator Toomey is probably going to be a key swing vote on a number of key issues and has the opportunity to really help shape some serious legislation. I mean, fifty-fifty, is not much of a majority,” Holman said. “He’s definitely conservative but, there’s going to need to be that mix, I think, to get bills across the line.”

We are grateful for Senator Toomey’s years of service and are sad to see him leave the Senate at the end of his term. However, we are excited about the ability to continue working together until that time.

Check out the entire article by Charles Thompson here.

Ridge Policy Group is a top government affairs firm in Washington, DC, and Harrisburg, PA. Mark Holman started the firm along with Governor Tom Ridge and Mark Campbell nearly 11 years ago.  

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