Tom Ridge Discusses Government Affairs Firm

Our nation’s first Secretary of Homeland Security and former Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Ridge sat down to talk about his time in federal, state, and local government and his government affairs firm, Ridge Policy Group.

Throughout his time as a member of Congress, Governor, and lead of the Department of Homeland Security, Ridge has always emphasized the importance of civility. Today, he is proud to be a Partner at Ridge Policy Group, a bipartisan lobbying firm in Washington, DC, and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

View this video to learn about Governor Ridge’s feelings on working with fellow partners Mark Holman and Mark Campbell.

At the Ridge Policy Group, we are honored to be led by one of the most widely respected public officials. As we petition the government on our clients’ behalf, we hope to hold true to Governor Ridge’s standard of us as one of the best government affairs firms. We have “better ideas and a better approach.”


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